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Here at “Locksmith Kirkland”, we believe that no matter who you are, you will need the services of a locksmith company in your lifetime. The question then is, when would you need those services, and for what? Most of the time, security problems can be remedied easily, but what if it happens during odd hours of the night, or on holidays?Emergency Services

Many people attest to Murphy's Law, where bad things happen when you least expect it. Losing your car keys before an important date, locking yourself out of the house in the middle of the night with your bladder full – all sound like funny anecdotes until they happen to you. Then it becomes a huge inconvenience and a source of irritation. This is why we believe that emergency locksmith services should never have off hours. Lock problems don't care if it's 1 am or Christmas Eve.

Our flexible 24/7 services

24/7 means our skilled professional locksmiths are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your calls. Regardless of time or date, simply call us if you find yourself in a lock dilemma and the technician nearest you will respond to your call. Our technicians are skilled in solving basic locksmith problems on the go, from lock repair to new lock installations.

Our residential locksmith services don't discriminate whether you live in a home or a rented space. We ensure that your security is our main priority. We offer site inspections to check for broken locks, places with high breach risk and inadequacies in security. We install, repair and replace security hardware for doors and windows like cylindrical locks, digital locks and even deadbolt locks.

For businesses, our commercial services are top of the line and up-to-date in the latest security technology available for different industries. We know businesses require more security than residences and our technicians are skilled in handling complex locks, advanced security gadgets, biometrics and keyless entry. With our 24 hour locksmith service, you can count on us to perform commercial rekey, hardware installation and office lock repair, should your business suffer a breach in security.

The effect of house and office lockouts is minimized severely, thanks to our prompt and punctual call response. We make sure to remedy the problem as soon as we can before the lockout causes disruption in your work-flow or daily routine.

Other companies may offer the same services we are providing, but our advantage lies in the promise that our 24/7 services never have off-hours. Contact us today and get in touch with one of our skilled and reliable locksmiths.

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