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The best tips for lock maintenance and repair. The best locksmith guide for all people.

Tips when you are on vacation

• Make sure that all locks on doors and windows are working, as well as your security systems. If you are having trouble with these, contact “Locksmith Kirkland” .
• It is advisable to ask a trusted person to check your house once in a while.
• You can also place timers on indoor lights and television, as well as live recordings of CCTV cameras.

How to handle delivery newspapers while you are away

A very wise tip for this is to stop deliverables such as newspapers, magazines, product purchases and bills. This would accumulate in your post and may suggest that you are away and can be attractive to burglars and thieves. Ask a close friend or a neighbor to visit your house once in a while to check on these subscriptions and bills.

Take measures beforehand

It's prudent to take precaution measures to avoid burglaries and the experts of our locksmith in Kirkland would recommend lock change and repair regularly. Check the condition of locks often and make duplicates of your keys. Keep a spare in your bag and give another to your best friend.

Don't leave any entrance without locks

Don't forget that intruders check their targets before breaking in. If they see that you leave the window open or your garage door does not lock, they will do their best to break in. Discourage them by proceeding with lock installation with all entrances.

Take care of both locks and doors

Properties are secured when intruders are kept out. This is possible when the security door locks are of good quality and so are the doors. Hollow doors and bad lock installation will create problems. The door must be aligned and so should the latch with the strike plate.

Install top-of-the-line garage lock for your automobile’s security

When it comes to vehicle security, locksmith specialists in Kirkland advise that you go for a rekey service at least once a year. You must also ensure that the garage is properly secured with a topnotch lock installed. A fortified garage lock will guarantee that intruders are kept out.

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