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Getting an Ignition Key Made

05/07/2015 Back To Blog

If you lose your car key and do not have a spare, it will be necessary for you to get a new one. If you would like to help the process along, there is some information you can gather and bring with you. This isn’t anything that is too complicated to handle and it may just save you time in the end.

Gathering Appropriate Information

Here is a list of things to bring with you when you get your ignition key made:

It is important that you present your vehicle registration, VIN number and drivers license. The VIN number can be found on the front, lower part of your dashboard. It can also be easily located on your vehicle registration and insurance card.

The key code is also very important. This can usually be found in your owner’s manual or the dealership may have it in their archive of receipts. If you still can't find it, it could be inside your glove compartment. If you still haven’t found the key code, it may be necessary for you to get the key off of the lock cylinder on the inside of your door panel.

Necessary Information

You may be wondering why this information is necessary? In order to establish ownership of the vehicle that you wish to have a new key made for, we will need the aforementioned information. It serves to protect, not only us, but it also protects drivers. The code is what is used in order to make you a new one. This series of numbers lets the experts know how to set the machine to make you a new key. If all of this seems like more than you care to do, simply give us a call and we’ll have a new one made for you in no time.

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